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ENSEMBLE Expectation and Non-formal Skills

to Empower Migrants and

to Boost Local Economy

Associazione Davide Orecchioni Onlus (ADO)

Davide Orecchioni Association (ADO) ( was founded in 2006 and is at present active both in Abruzzo (Italy) and at national and international level. ADO is a non-profit organisation that pursues exclusively purposes of social solidarity by promoting activities in the field of education and training, in particular with African communities and youth.

In 2017-2018 ADO activated a "Penny Wirton" school in the city of Lanciano, Chieti (Italy), entering a network of about 40 schools spread throughout Italy. The “Penny Wirton“ schools are involved in migrants, refugees and asylum seekers literacy in order to improve their social inclusion and are free, apolitical and non-denominational. They are based on teaching one by one or at most for small groups, because each person, due of his own experience and his particular condition, is a case in itself and should be considered as such. The schools provide free volunteer teachers, teaching materials and, on the methodological level, promote the direct personal relationship between the learners and the teacher.

ADO Onlus is active in support of education in Africa and actively participates in solidarity projects for the construction, maintenance and renovation of schools in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as the purchase of educational materials and clothing for students.
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