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ENSEMBLE Expectation and Non-formal Skills

to Empower Migrants and

to Boost Local Economy


PEP 2B works, in complementarity of the public school, against any form of exclusion in the tradition and the active practice of its founding values of solidarity, equity and secularism.

As a non-profit association founded in 1901 as an enterprise of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) on the promotion of an inclusive society with regard to the most vulnerable public, ADPEP 2B continues since 1974 its missions as a policy operator in the sphere of social maladjustment, schooling or disability, serving children, adolescents and their families as well as young adults. The ADPEP 2B manages throughout Corsica establishments and services in the medico-social, educational and leisure sector with the "youth and sport" and "Corsican language and culture" (LCC) and training approvals.

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